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Morning meeting

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Morning meeting


   Shuangsen (Business Division I) held its morning meeting on April 1, 2018 as scheduled. According to the custom, Shuangsen will give a red envelope with cash to those employees (whose birthday is in this month) on the first day of each month, regardless of account, but only carrying friendship, which is only one of Shuangsen's employee benefits ....


Part 1

  First, the factory director gave a summary of the production work in March, to emphasize the importance of safe and civilized production. 



Part 2:Birthday envelopefor employee benefits

The red envelope is full of Shuangsen's friendship for his staff, laying a stepping stone to motivate the employees to be positive andmaking members who live and work in Shuangsen cheerful and happy. 




The picture captures a lovely factory director giving red envelopes


The factory director, on behalf of Shuangsen Metal, sent birthday greetings to several employees and congratulated them on their happy birthdays


Part 3
The end is the indispensable part of the morning meeting - reading the world's great inspirational books. 
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